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A magical place facing the Mount Sainte Victoire
Chateau Grand Boise




a book by Göran Boman
an extensive study on the
wines of Provence...


Tasting notes
Jadis Rosé 2018: 16 /20
Cuvée 1610 rouge 2017: 17.5 /20


Latest tasting notes
2016 Jadis Rosé: 93 pts
2015 Cuvée 1610: 92 pts

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Château Grand Boise   -   1536 Chemin de Grisole   -   13530 Trets-en-Provence   -   France
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Quick Overview: A quick introduction to Chateau Grand Boise at Trets-en-Provence: location, size and activities

The History of Grand Boise: More than 4 centuries of history. Vines have been cultivated here, opposite to the Mount Sainte Victoire, since the Roman times but viticulture developed in Provence in the middle-Ages, under the pressure of the great monastic orders. The Bastide of Grand Boise was built in 1610.

Nature at Grand Boise: The estate covers an entire section of hillside, 400 hectares (1000 acres) of vines and woodland. Evergreen oak, durmast oak, garrigue plants, wild aromatic herbs, the ecological richness of the Chateau Grand Boise estate is a tonic breath of fresh air.

The Mount Sainte Victoire: The Mount Sainte Victoire was formed, along with the Pyrenees. It forms an imposing edge to the huge Arc Valley. A true marvel of the Nature.

Access map: Directions to reach Chateau Grand Boise at Trets en Provence

Contact: How to contact Chateau Grand Boise.

Photo Libraries: Links to the various photo libraries. There are 5 of them, that is more than 200 photos.

360° panoramas: 4 panoramic pictures. These 360/180 panoramas allow you to look in any direction, including up and down.

Video: A video intruction to Chàteau Grand Boise and Mount Sainte Victoire.

News: The latest news from the estate.

The Wine Estate

Chateau Grand'Boise: Chateau Grand Boise produces red, rosé and white wines with appellations Cotes de Provence Sainte Victoire and Cotes de Provence. Introduction to the wine estate.

Appellation Sainte Victoire: The recent creation of the appellation Cotes de Provence Sainte Victoire Sainte Victoire confirms that this terroir has qualities for making great wines. The criteria of the Sainte Victoire appellation are tougher than those of the Cotes de Provence.

The Terroir: The vineyards of the Chateau Grand Boise consist of 45 Ha. Vines are growing on hillside terraces. Altitude give more agreeable and natural freshness to wines.

Vinification: The vat house contains the most modern equipment to improve quality and expression. Rosé wines start with varied periods of cold maceration of the lightly crushed red grapes.

The wines: The ranges of wines.

Wine data sheets:
Red Sainte Victoire
côtes de provence sainte victoire
syrah and grenache
côtes de provence rosé - grenache and cinsault
Rosé Sainte Victoire
côtes de provence sainte victoire
Rosé de Provence - grenache and cinsault
Red Jadis
First class Provence wine - syrah, grenache and carignan - vinified in small vats, aged 18 months
Rosé Jadis
First class Provence wine - syrah and grenache - vinified in small vats
White Jadis
Frist class Provence wine - rolle
Cuvée 1610
to celebrate the domain's quatercentenary.
Cuvée Renaissance
magnum and double-magnum only
The Vin Cuit de Grand Boise
Vin Cuit de Provence

The tradition of Vin Cuit: The genuine Vin Cuit is a Provencal tradition. The real Vin Cuit is cooked... Explanation and origin of the french Vin Cuit.

Press reviews: Articles and Press comments on the wines of Chateau Grand Boise.

Vine photos: Photographic Library of Vine and Wine

Contact: How to contact the Chateau Grand Boise wine estate.

Luxury Holiday Rentals

Deluxe rentals: 25 kms (15 miles) from Aix-en-Provence, two high class rentals properties. Opposite to the Mount Sainte Victoire, a unique and unbeatable viewpoint. The 17th century Bastide and the Provencal Mas de Cabassude have both been entirely renovated and redecorated.

1) The Bastide:

17th century Bastide: Introducing the Bastide of Chateau Grand Boise at Trets-en-Provence, DeLuxe rental.

The Bastide - The bedrooms: The Bastide has 8 confortable bedroom. Every one of them has its very own personality and feel.
The bedrooms: Douceur - Naturelle - Anis
Bleu-chocolat - Parme - Traditionnelle
Fraicheur - Champetre

The Bastide - The living rooms: Introducing the living rooms of the Bastide. They have all been recently renovated. Have a virtual visit of all the rooms before hiring the Bastide.
Large Sitting Room - Small Drawing Room - Reading Room Office - Dining room - Main kitchen

The Bastide - The swimming pool: Visiting the swimming pool of the Bastide of Chateau Grand Boise, luxury rental property at Trets en Provence. Photos.

The Bastide - The gardens: The gardens surrounding the Bastide provide coolness and the gentle scents of Provence.

The Bastide - Photos: Photographic library of the Bastide.


2) The Mas de Cabassude :

Provencal Mas: Introducing the Mas de Cabassude, right at the heart of the estate. A luxury holiday rental for up to 14 people.

Cabassude - Inside the Mas: This Provencal Mas has 6 bedrooms. Every room has been redecorated and renovated..
Sitting room - Rose de Mai - Jasmin bedrooms
Arc en Ciel - Tournesol - Amande bedrooms
Cerise bedroom - Dining room - Kitchen

Cabassude - Terraces and Pool: The hire of the Mas de Cabassude includes use of a pool and terraces overlooking the valley and Mount Sainte Victoire. An agreeable way to enjoy the exceptional panoramic view.

Cabassude - The natural surroundings: Nature has created a setting for the Mas de Cabassude at Trets en Provence. A feast for the eyes; pleasure for the senses. A tonic bath of fresh air.

Cabassude - Photos: Photos of the provencal Mas de Cabassude at Trets en Provence.

Rental rates: Tariffs of both Luxury Holiday Rental properties, the Bastide of Chateau Grand Boise and the Provencal Mas de Cabassude

Tourism: A few ideas for tourism in the Aix-en-Provence / Mount Sainte Victoire area.

Contact: How to contact Chateau Grand Boise rentals.

Weddings and special occasions

A magical place: Chateau Grand Boise is a magical place for weddings and other events. Guests enjoy the unique and unbeatable view over the whole Mount Sainte Victoire. The reception room holds up to 250 people.

Le Jas de Chateau Grand Boise hosts weddings at Trets en Provence, not only weddings but also anniversaries baptisms, 1st communions and all kinds of family receptions.

Chateau Grand Boise at Trets en Provence is a location for seminars, conferences and working meetings. The breadth of the panorama, the position overlooking the valley and the serenity of the environment help one gain a sense of proportion and time to reflect.

Special events:
Chateau Grand Boise at Trets en Provence is the perfect location for events and exhibitions: it is a unique location to make an event stand out. A wide panorama over the Arc Valley and the whole of the Mount Sainte Victoire... the place is magic.

Reception Room:
Le Jas de Chateau Grand Boise at Trets en Provence holds up to 250 people. Presentation of the room and the services.

Photos: Photo library for weddings and special events.

Contact: How to contact Chateau Grand Boise for weddings, seminars and special events.





The Shop: Maison Grand Boise

Fine Food:
Maison Grand Boise is a high class delicatessen store. Wine tasting and sales. There is a selection of fine foods unique in Provence. Unusual products from all over the world and traditional Provencal products. A wide choice, at all price ranges. Products chosen for their high quality. The store is located beside the N7.

Wines and Fine food:
The Maison Grand Boise cellar contains a wide selection of French wines and of champagnes. The Tasting department gives the chance to taste a good range of the Estate's wines, Chateau Grand Boise rosé, red and white. Provence is rich in gastronomic specialities. Maison Grand Boise is an epicurean's paradise

Photos: Photographic library of Maison Grand Boise, of the fine food, tasting and decoration departments of the store.

Access map to the store: Directions to Maison Grand Boise, delicatessen on the N7 in Provence near to Rousset.

Contact: How to contact the shop Maison Grand Boise.