Bedrooms and living rooms - The Mas de Cabassude

The Mas de Cabassude ...   The interiors

Comfort, Spaciousness, Authenticity
A house bathed in light


All the bedrooms and living rooms have been renovated and redecorated. Every one of them has its very own personality and feel. This charming, authentic home is also extremely comfortable.

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The "Grand Mas":
- 2 double bedrooms on the first floor
- 1 bedroom with 4 single beds on the level of the swimming pool, perfect for youngsters
- Large sitting room
- Dining room, fully equipped kitchen

The "Petit Cabassude":
- 2 double bedrooms at garden level
- 1 large bedroom with a panoramic view

All the bedrooms have private bathrooms.
The rooms are air conditioned throughout.

The job of renovation of the Bastide was taken on by the interior decorator Nathalie Vingot Mei. The authentic charm of this Provencal farmhouse has been preserved: its ability to be at one with its natural environment is intact. All the rooms were redecorated with preference given to typical Provence colours and light tones to give a gentle, calm atmosphere. In each room, little decorative items are used to create an ambiance full of poetry, which evoke its origins.

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