The Bastide of Chateau Grand Boise in Trets-en-Provence

The Bastide ...

Majestic and Welcoming
the Bastide is a cool haven of calm

Right at the heart of Provence, in a huge estate of vines and woodland, the Bastide of Chateau Grand Boise majestically dominates the Arc Valley, right opposite the Mount Sainte-Victoire. The position is unique.
First built in 1610, it embodies 4 centuries of history in its very stones...

The Bastide was recently renovated from top to bottom. Everything that gave it its charm was retained and the rooms were redecorated: every one of the rooms has its own personality, its own feel, and each is a little separate universe.

The Bastide has now rediscovered its purpose as a family home:
A huge yet welcoming mansion where one feels at home... where staying does you good.

The enormous terrace, the unique views, the pool, the shady gardens full of the scents of Provence, all encourage you to laze around... to let yourself be lulled by a relaxed rhythm of living....
Moments like this are truly rare.

La Bastide : 500 sq. m. (5400 sq. ft.) of living space, bedrooms for up to 15 people.
6 ground floor living rooms,
8 double bedrooms on two floors each with private facilities
A 180 sq. m. (2000 sq. ft.) terrace
A swimming pool and shaded gardens

The gentle, serene atmosphere is seductive.... time seems to stop.

Just a bit of history:
The known origins of Grand'Boise go back to 1610, the oldest date found on the deeds of the property. The wine estate at the time consisted of about 10 hectares (25 acres) of vines surrounding the bastide. In 1879, the estate joined with Cabassude and Les Brunets (on the other hillside) to become one. Traditionally family owned, the bastide has only changed hands three times throughout all its history.

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