Gris Velours” and “Rouge Velours bedroom - Bastide Grand Boise

The Bastide ...   The bedrooms

2 bedrooms at garden level
“Gris Velours” and “Rouge Velours”

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Douceur bedroomDouceur

Naturelle bedroomNaturelle

Anis bedroomAnis

Bleu-Chocolat bedroomBleu-Chocolat

Parme bedroomParme

Traditionnelle bedroomTraditionnelle

Fraîcheur bedroomFraîcheur

Champetre bedroomChampetre

Velours bedroomsVelours


“Gris Velours” and “Rouge Velours” bedrooms   -   garden level   -   Mount Sainte-Victoire side

- Two small communicating bedrooms with separate entrances
- Air conditioned bedrooms - 2 King size double beds 180cm (6ft.)wide
- Large bathroom shared between the two bedrooms, washbasin, bath, toilet, hair dryer
- Cupboards, outside door (“Gris Velours” bedroom) and door leading into indoor staircase (“Rouge Velours” bedroom)

Overall view The Bastide of Grand Boise: Gris Velours” and “Rouge Velours bedroom zoom “Gris Velours” and “Rouge Velours” bedroom

The Bastide of Grand Boise: “rouge Velours” bedroom zoom “rouge Velours” bedroom

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