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The wide diversity of plots makes it possible to spread out the times of the grape harvest so that they are picked at perfect maturity in each vineyard. Harvesting is carried out at dawn to protect the grapes from high temperatures.

In its search for quality, Chateau Grand Boise has recently modernised its winery equipment and buildings. Anaerobic transport (protection from oxidation) ultramodern sorting table, destalking, everything is done to ensure that only perfect whole grapes are used: for these alone can give the most aromatically expressive wine. Damaged grapes and stalks are systematically rejected.

The vat house contains the most modern equipment to improve quality: automation and precise thermostatic control of each vat. In order that the harvest and the must are treated gently, transfers are either gravity fed, or carried out using a peristaltic pump.

Red wines are vinified in vats and then barrel aged, 12 to 15 months. Large capacity barrels are preferably used - 400, 500, 600L - in order to achieve a better expression of terroir. The white wines are vinified and aged in 500L oak barrels ("Burgundy barrel").

Rosé wines start with varied periods of cold maceration of the lightly crushed red grapes. This allows some of the pigments from the red skins to give the pink colour to the juice, which would normally be white. Subsequently separated from the skins by bleeding off or by pressing, the juice is transferred to vats to ferment.

All wines are estate bottled.

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