The range of wines from Chateau Grand Boise

Wines from Chateau Grand Boise ...

Decked out in the pretty colours of Provence, Chateau Grand Boise wines are available in several ranges:

Chateau Grand Boise Sainte Victoire

zoom Cuvee Chateau

In red, rosé and white wines, the Cuvee Chateau blends are selected from the best vines, classed as AOC Cotes de Provence Sainte Victoire (red and rosé) or Cotes de Provence (white). Vinification is painstaking, in a search for superb aromatic expressiveness.
The Sainte Victoire Rosé blend is broad, while remaining light and fresh - a rosé destined for fine food. The Sainte Victoire red blend is a wine for laying down, which can also give immediate pleasure, with its richly structured tannins.

Cuvees Jadis

loupe Cuvee Jadis

Made from century old vines from parcels selected with care, the “Jadis” blend (jadis means “from days gone by”) offers more richness, density and harmony. The high vinification requirements allow offering all the Provence excellence.

And also : Cuvée 1610 (red and white) celebrates the domain's quatercentenary.

Grand'Boise Vin Cuit

zoom The Vin Cuit

The Vin Cuit de Grand Boise (Grand Boise “cooked wine”) is part of a long Provençal tradition. It should not be confused with some aperitifs or fortified wines:
True vin cuit de Provence is a sweet wine made using very special techniques, which a few estates in Provence are determined to preserve.
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