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Our range is structured on the primary blends of Chateau Grand Boise cuvée in red, rosé and white as well as our plot selections, 1610, Jadis and Liberté Chérie demonstrating the incredible diversity of our terroirs and different climates unique to the domain. We work very hard to restore this unique terroir to its former glory.

The press has noted this evolution by qualifying us as, according to Michel Bettane "the blossoming of a Great Provence", with wines valued between 15 and 17/20 or noted by the Wine Enthusiast, between 90 and 95.

Chateau Grand Boise Sainte Victoire

zoom Cuvee Chateau

CHATEAU GRAND BOISE: Freshness, Fruit, Conviviality, Indulgence and Pleasure...
Château Grand Boise Rosé, a blend of Grenache , Syrah and Cinsault, reveals pretty notes of peach, red fruits, citrus and a spicy , black pepper nose. A wine for both an aperitif and a meal.
Château Grand Boise Rouge, dominant in Syrah and Grenache, offers a wine full of fruit, bright and crisp, with soft tannins and great length.
Château Grand Boise Blanc, 100 % Rolle (Vermentino) reveals vivid fruit with beautiful florals notes and great finesse.

Cuvees Jadis

loupe Cuvee 1610 & Jadis

Great Terroirs : Complexity, Elegance, Length and Finesse...
1610 Red, selection of three plots of Grenache, Syrah and a few rows of Cabernet Sauvignon, presents a more powerful and deep wine, with aromas of black fruit, mint and rare spices.
1610 White, 100 % Vermentino , fermented in 2 demi-muids (500l oak cask) and 1 amphora, unveils a unique character, oscillating between volume and tension, exotic fruits and floral notes.
Jadis Rosé, 60% Syrah, 40% Grenache, fermented and aged in barrel, unveils great complexity, violette notes, peach and red fruits, full and savoury in mouth. A gastronomic rosé.
Liberté Chérie, single plot Syrah situated at 630m altitude on pink marble, 500 bottles produced ; a pure expression of terroir.

Grand'Boise Vin Cuit

zoom The Vin Cuit

The Vin Cuit de Grand Boise (Grand Boise “cooked wine”) is part of a long Provençal tradition. It should not be confused with some aperitifs or fortified wines:
True vin cuit de Provence is a sweet wine made using very special techniques, which a few estates in Provence are determined to preserve.
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