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The Wines of Provence – Tricolour

The Wines of Provence - Tricolour by Göran BomanFor over 20 years, the sommelier Göran Boman has been a member of the Swedish association for wine tasting and wine studies. In his book The Wines of Provence – Tricolour, a total of 57 producers and 340 wines are covered, making this probably the most comprehensive book on wines in Provence today.

About Château Grand Boise, he writes (extracts):

“A wine estate that has excellent vineyards that provide ripe grapes with fresh acidity and a state-of-the-art winery. All wines in all three colours are characterized by distinct pure aromas and with long aftertaste that often ends with salinity/minerality. The white wines impressed with their Rolle character, especially the Jadis wine with its concentration. The rosé wines differ positively from the wines usually found in the appellation. Since many parcels have relatively young vines, the quality will increase even more in the future, but already this is one of the top producers in Provence.
Tasting notes of the wines follows, since all wines had a very long aftertaste, it is not repeated for each wine:

Chateau Grand Boise White 2018: Chateau Grand Boise Blanc made from Vermentino (Rolle). Fermented in raw concrete tanks and demi-muid barrels, aged for 5 months in raw concrete tanks. A fresh nose with white flowers, citrus, peach, and spice like pepper and anise. A rounder wine with fresh acidity, good body and concentration. On the palate you will find citrus and peach.
Jadis White 2017: Jadis is also made from 100% Vermentino (Rolle) but from special parcels. Fermented in demi-muid barrels and concrete eggs, aged in demi- muids and concrete tanks, produced only in small quantities. The wine has a strong round creamy nose with citrus, white pepper, and notes of new oak. On the palate it has a larger body and concentration, while the acidity is still fresh. Aftertaste with mineral. The most concentrated Rolle wine I have tasted so far.
Cuvée 1610 White 2017: 1610 made from Vermentino (Rolle) and Semilion, which are both co-harvested and co-fermented, comes from a special parcel of only 1 hectare. Fermented and aged in amphoras and demi-muid barrels, sur lie for 9 months in the demi-muids. On the nose citrus, lime, white flowers, spice like pepper and roasted nuts and a small hint of mineral like Riesling petroleum. On the palate a fresh acidity, good concentration, a citrus-like attack with roasted nuts on the finish.

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2018: Chateau Grand Boise Rosé made from Grenache 50%, Syrah 40% and Cinsault 10%. Direct pressed and fermented in stainless-steel tanks. The wine has a very pale colour, which was characteristic of the vintage. The nose is floral, white peach and citrus. A fresh wine with fresh acidity, on the palate citrus and with a saline minerality in the aftertaste.
Jadis Rosé 2018: Jadis made from Grenache 80% and Syrah 20% from special parcels. Fermented and then stored in stainless-steel tanks, amphoras and demi-muid barrels. On the nose you will find red fruit, peach, orange, white pepper but no oak flavours. A round wine with fresh acidity and fresh taste with citrus and mineral.

Sainte Victoire Red 2017: Chateau Grand Boise Rouge made from approximately equal parts of Syrah and Grenache and 10% of Cabernet Sauvignon. Fermented in raw con­crete tanks, 70% is then stored in demi-muid barrels and the rest in concrete tanks. Fresh nose with dark fruit such as blueberries, blackcurrants, cherries, spice from garrigue and hints of oak flavours with vanilla. Rather soft tannins, fresh acidity with a taste of fresh berries and liquorice. Can be stored for 2 – 3 years but the wine benefits from its freshness and should be consumed relatively young.
Cuvée 1610 Red 2017: 1610 made from Syrah 70%, Grenache 20%, and Cabernet Sauvignon 10%, from special parcels. Seventy per cent is fermented in demi-muids and the rest in concrete tanks, aged in demi-muid barrels and concrete tanks. The wine has a strong purple red colour. A powerful and both fruity and spicy nose with dark berries such as blackberries, black pepper, mint and with a hint of oak. Tough tannins, rather full-bodied, fresh acidity and with a young fruity taste with liquorice. Should be stored for a few years.”

There is much more… Read the whole story: pages 1-2, pages 3-4.

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