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Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast - June 2021

Latest tasting notes

Cuvée 1610 Red 2018: 92 pts

Sainte Victoire Red 2018: 92 pts

Cuvée 1610 White 2019: 92 pts

Jadis Rosé 2020: 91 pts

Liberté Chérie 2017: 90 pts

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2020: 90 pts

Chateau Grand Boise White 2020: 89 pts

Auro 2020: 87 pts

The Wines of Provence by Göran Boman

The Wines of Provence - Tricolour by Göran Boman

A wine estate that has excellent vineyards that provide ripe grapes with fresh acidity and a state-of-the-art winery. All wines in all three colours are characterized by distinct pure aromas and with long aftertaste that often ends with salinity/minerality. The white wines impressed with their Rolle character, especially the Jadis wine with its concentration. The rosé wines differ positively from the wines usually found in the appellation. Since many parcels have relatively young vines, the quality will increase even more in the future, but already this is one of the top producers in Provence.

Tasting notes of the wines follows, since all wines had a very long aftertaste, it is not repeated for each wine:

Chateau Grand Boise White 2018:

A fresh nose with white flowers, citrus, peach, and spice like pepper and anise. A rounder wine with fresh acidity, good body and concentration. On the palate you will find citrus and peach.

Jadis White 2017:

The wine has a strong round creamy nose with citrus, white pepper, and notes of new oak. On the palate it has a larger body and concentration, while the acidity is still fresh. Aftertaste with mineral. The most concentrated Rolle wine I have tasted so far.

Cuvée 1610 White 2017:

On the nose citrus, lime, white flowers, spice like pepper and roasted nuts and a small hint of mineral like Riesling petroleum. On the palate a fresh acidity, good concentration, a citrus-like attack with roasted nuts on the finish.

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2018:

The wine has a very pale colour, which was characteristic of the vintage. The nose is floral, white peach and citrus. A fresh wine with fresh acidity, on the palate citrus and with a saline minerality in the aftertaste.

Jadis Rosé 2018:

On the nose you will find red fruit, peach, orange, white pepper but no oak flavours. A round wine with fresh acidity and fresh taste with citrus and mineral.

Sainte Victoire Red 2017:

Fresh nose with dark fruit such as blueberries, blackcurrants, cherries, spice from garrigue and hints of oak flavours with vanilla. Rather soft tannins, fresh acidity with a taste of fresh berries and liquorice. Can be stored for 2 - 3 years but the wine benefits from its freshness and should be consumed relatively young.

Cuvée 1610 Red 2017:

The wine has a strong purple red colour. A powerful and both fruity and spicy nose with dark berries such as blackberries, black pepper, mint and with a hint of oak. Tough tannins, rather full-bodied, fresh acidity and with a young fruity taste with liquorice. Should be stored for a few years.


Guide Bettane et Desseauve 2020

Bettane et Desseauve 2020 Wine Guide

The cellar, whose modernization has just been completed, and the wines, precise and nicely shaped, are exactly in the image of this place at once beautiful, modern and untamed.

Chateau Grand Boise White 2018: 15 /20

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2018: 15 /20

Sainte Victoire Red 2017: 15.5 /20

Jadis Rosé 2018: 16 /20

Cuvée 1610 White 2017: 16.5 /20

Cuvée 1610 Red 2017: 17.5 /20

Liberté Chérie 2017: 15 /20

Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast - July 2017

Latest tasting notes

Jadis Rosé 2016: 93 pts

Cuvée 1610 Red 2015: 92 pts

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2016: 91 pts

Sainte Victoire Red 2015: 90 pts

Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast - July 2016

Tasting notes by Roger Voss

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2015: 92 pts

High-altitude (up to 1,800 feet) mainly north-facing vineyards give this wine its intense character. It is crisp, tight, mineral and concentrated. Acidity cuts through, making this wine right for seafood and spicy Asian cooking. The aftertaste continues this fresh, textured character.

Jadis Rosé 2015: 93 pts

The top rosé from old vines at Grand Boise, this is a ripe, well-structured and balanced wine. The fruit is right up front, raspberries and red plums along with a lightly herbal element. The high-altitude vineyard (up to 2,000 feet) gives a cool, crisp aftertaste to this impressive wine.

Guide Bettane et Desseauve 2017

Bettane et Desseauve 2017 Wine Guide

Sainte Victoire Red 2014: 16.5 /20 - Editor's choice

"Blackcurrant, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, peony, mocha, it's an true aromatic explosion in the mouth. Fresh, dense and generous, with fine tannins. Full-bodied and long, this wine has charm.

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2014: 14 /20

Chateau Grand Boise White 2015: 14.5 /20

Cuvée 1610 Red 2014: 15 /20

Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast - December 2015

Tasting notes by Roger Voss

Cuvée 1610 Red 2012: 92 pts

This is a big, rich and extracted wine. The tough tannins need to soften further, with a powerful core of dryness. As it develops, the wine will reveal more of the rich red fruits and juicy final acidity that are there. Drink from 2017.

Sainte Victoire Red 2013: 91 pts

This structured, ripe wine shows great potential. It has spicy red fruits, blackberry and currant flavors and a dense, tannic structure. Juicy acidity gives freshness at the end. Drink from 2017.

Jadis Rosé 2014: 90 pts

Herbal and fruity aromas lead into a ripe, while still dry wine. Mint and spice characteristics goes with the red-plum fruits to give a textured wine that also has some weight. The aftertaste is perfumed and crisp.

Chateau Grand Boise White 2014: 90 pts

This is a perfumed, rich and balanced wine, with yellow fruits cut by fresh lemons. A light tangy texture gives an attractive lift. Drink now, although the wine will be better from late 2016.

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2014: 89 pts

This is a fresh, strawberry-flavored wine with a crisp, dry aftertaste. An attractive tangy character gives life and brilliance. Ready to drink, it is a real apéritif wine.

Guide Bettane et Desseauve 2016

Bettane et Desseauve 2016 Wine Guide

Cuvée 1610 Red 2012: 16 /20 - Editor's choice

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2014: 15 /20

Sainte Victoire Red 2012: 15.5 /20

Jadis Rosé 2014: 16 /20

Jadis White 2014: 16 /20

Guide Hachette des Vins

Hachette 2016 Wine Guide

Jadis Rosé 2014: 2 stars

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2014: 1 star

Cuvée 1610 Red 2012: 1 star

Guide Bettane et Desseauve 2015

Bettane et Desseauve 2015 Wine Guide

Cuvée 1610 Red 2011: 15.5 /20 - Editor's choice

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2013: 15 /20

Jadis Rosé 2013: 16 /20

Jadis Red 2012: 15.5 /20

Cuvée Renaissance 2010: 16 /20

Cuvée 1610 Red 2012: 16 /20

Sommeliers International

Sommeliers International - Summer 2014 issue

Jadis Rosé 2013:

Visual aspect: salmon-pink. Nose: scents of green apple. Palate: pure first taste, notes of vine peach. Match with food: cold cuts; aperitif. Comments: a reference. Serve very fresh.

Jadis Red 2011:

Visual aspect: deep ruby-red, very intense, deep hue, purplish tinges. Nose: very expressive, delicate with notes of fruit compote. Palate: fine, very warm palate, barely marked but melted tannins, the palate is supported by a delicately fresh touch. Match with food: bull stew, crunchy carrots. Comments: a well-structured wine with a lovely spontaneity'.

Guide Bettane et Desseauve 2014

Bettane & Desseauve 2014 Wine Guide

"The level of quality of the wines has distinctly improved since 2010."

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2012: 15.5 /20

"Fruity with aromatic grapefruit crispness, red berries and white pepper, this wine would be wonderful with a rabbit terrine."

Sainte Victoire Red 2011: 15.5 /20

"This wine has gained in elegance, when compared with previous vintages. We liked the fresh, silky crisp tannins with hints of pine needles and red berries."

Cuvee Jadis White 2012: 15 /20

"The vintage is not overplayed, being interpreted with freshness, citrus and fennel, all in the right proportions."

Cuvée 1610 Red 2010: 16 /20

"This vintage destined to celebrate the estate’s fourth century of existence seduces with fresh tight and spicy tannins, matched with a well corseted silky texture, it shows the typically Mediterranean hints of pine needle."

Cuvée 1610 Red 2011: 16 /20

"The nose is complex, combining peony, wild strawberry, pine needles and Sichuan pepper. The mouth shows slender tannin with good freshness."

Terre de Vins July-August 2013

Terre de Vins - July-August 2013

The magazine has selected the best French rosés wine:

Jadis Rosé 2012: 16.5 /20

"A gastronomic Rosé showing breadth, flesh and a lot of freshness, with raspberry, saffron and white pepper. Nicely balanced."

Guide Bettane et Desseauve

Bettane & Desseauve 2013 Wine Guide

"We are witnessing the birth of a great estate in Provence. Keep a close eye on it."

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2011: 15.5 /20

"Delicious nose of rose, raspberry and pepper, an elegant attack sustained by fine length. What a joyous wine."

Sainte Victoire Red 2009: 15.5 /20

"A nose with dark tobacco and black cherries. On the mouth we find bright tannins with hints of tobacco again."

This wine is classed amongst the 8 best wines from Provence under 10 € a bottle. (p.654)

Cuvée Mazarine Blanc 2010: 15.5 /20

"Fresh and long with hints of salinity and anise. Just the right amount of energy."

Cuvée Mazarine Rosé 2011: 15 /20

"An easy, flowing wine, tender and refined, with underlying red fruits."

This wine is classed amongst the 8 best wines from Provence under 10 € a bottle. (p.654)

Cuvée Jadis White 2010: 16 /20

"This wine has great potential. At present one can enjoy its taut length and rich finish. This is one of the best whites this year and is evolving perfectly."

Cuvée Jadis Red 2009: 16.5 /20

"With fine subtle tannins, and hints of cherry, this has something of the style of a Burgundian Grand Cru, with a well constructed finish."

Cuvée Jadis Red 2010: 17 /20

"The very flattering attack reveals a silky texture: the tannins are lively and subtle, the finish lovely and spicy."

This wine is classed amongst the 7 best Provence reds. (p.656)

Cuvée 1610 Red 2009: 15.5 /20

"Well integrated oak, a powerful dense wine with attractive structure. Then come black fruits with hints of mint and supporting tannins."

Cuvée 1610 Red 2010: 16 /20

"This wine seduces with fresh tannins, taut and spicy, with a tight silky texture."

Vins et Gastronomie June-August 2012

Vins et Gastronomie - June-August 2012

The gastronomic magazine “Vins et Gastronomie” organised a large blind tasting of 200 rosé wines, the jury consisting of well known sommeliers, professionals and journalists. 3 Ch Grand Boise wines figure in their selection:

Cuvée Mazarine Rosé 2011:

"Lively and diaphenous, its rose petal robe introduces a very expressive nose, with notes of soft fruits This fruit forward attractiveness is even more marked in the mouth finishing with strawberries and hints of subtle flavoured fruits (such as apricot)."

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2011:

"The pretty robe with its hints of orange is followed by a simply perfumed nose. There is a lively attack, followed by a fresh, fruit forward taste."

Magazine Papilles June/July 2012

Magazine Papilles June/July 2012

In its article Provence, Paradise of Rosé Wines, the magazine selected:

Jadis Rosé 2010: "This is one of the very few reasonably affordable great rosés. It is made with great care from grenache and syrah vines (under conversion to organic cultivation). A wine aged for 6 months in barrel. Complex, harmonious and long in the mouth, its hints of peach and red fruits, discretely touched by vanilla, are perfect with Provencal food."

Magazine Regal - June-August 2012

Magazine Regal - June-August 2012 - Editor's Choice

In its article on rosé wines, Regal magazine awarded its Editor's choice to the Jadis cuvee:

Jadis Rosé 2010: "Our selection committee really loved this wine, made by Olivier Dauga. In this 2010 vintage, this Bordeaux oenologist has shown admirably well that rosés have an honourable place in the world of wine. The robe is well sustained, the nose is oaked and well rounded. Fine structure, very smooth in the mouth but with excellent freshness. Treated as if it were white, this rosé is atypical in style. From the same estate, the Sainte Victoire Rosé 2011 is a very delicate and floral rosé, refreshing without being weighty."

Guide Bettane et Desseauve

Bettane & Desseauve 2012 Wine Guide

"All the wines have gained in structural freshness and purity of fruit. Selection is more rigorous and the wines more precise, arriving at a new level of quality in 2010."

2006 Mazarine Red: 15 /20

"The wood is beginning to integrate, leaving spices and a good intensity in the mouth, with a velvety attack."

2010 Mazarine Rosé: 16.5 /20

"Flavours of citron and bergamot, very sappy in the mouth, a food rosé, perfect with a rosemary roasted shoulder of pork."

2010 Jadis White: 16.5 /20

"This wine shows great potential; at the moment one can appreciate its taut length, and its rich finish. This is one of the best white wines of the vintage."

2008 Jadis Red: 16 /20

"The fruit is subtle and virtually airy, with spicy distinguished tannins in the background. A fine balance. The 2009 is smoother and 2010 is going to be excellent."

2010 Cuvée 1610 Red : 16.5 /20

"Is looking very hopeful, with fresh and spicy taut tannins."

Guide Hachette des vins

Guide Hachette 2012

2009 Sainte Victoire Red: 1 star

"A deeply ruby red wine, made from equal parts of Syrah and Grenache. The complex nose betrays its barrel aging, with toasty, vanilla hints which don't mask the black fruit scents. The supple, velvety palate is supported by fine, silky tannins which carry the aromas of barrel and fruit into the distance. To be drunk in a year or two from now, with spit roast game."

David Cobbold

David Cobbold - Wine of the Week: Jadis 2008

"A fine and delicate nose with aromas that reminded me successively of fresh red fruit, wild herbs and mild spices, plus a slightly earthy touch that made me think, as well as its type of fruit aromas, very much of Burgundy in a warm year. This finesse is much in evidence on the palate, which is incredibly silky in its texture, with fruit flavours that also show freshness and focus. It feels warmer than a Pinot Noir, but is perfectly balanced for its type and has a lovely finish that tapers away gently: soft, smooth and elegant." (April 2011)

Read more on David Cobbold website...

Cuisine et vins de France Hors-Série Vins

Cuisine et Vins de France - Hors-série Vins 2011

2010 Sainte Victoire Rosé:

"With rosés like this one, blessed with greater density than your average pink, the star of Provence can escape from its summer seasonality. These ‘Old Vines' keep good freshness, marked by hints of pink grapefruit. They will go well with spicy dishes, or lamb with chick peas. 14/20"

2010 Jadis Red:

"In less time than it takes to say so, Olivier Dauga has inaugurated a program to discover the best terroirs to create a range of wines, starting with a simple thirst-quenching rosé to wines for laying down. The cuvée Jadis clearly shows the work undertaken, in particular with ambitious aging for this cellar-worthy red."

La Revue du Vin de France

La Revue du Vin de France - May 2011 "Vintage 2010 Special Issue"

"Our Editor's choice - Côtes de Provence: Olivier Dauga - Château Grand Boise:
The globe-trotting oenologist from Bordeaux, accompanied by his wife Cathy, has been in charge of wine making since 2008 at Château Grand Boise where he has made some very attractive reds this year. Dense, powerful wines, especially the Sainte-Victoire and Jadis wines."

Guide Bettane et Desseauve

Guide Bettane et Desseauve 2011

"All the wines have gained in freshness and in purity of fruit. Worth keeping a close eye on."

Sainte Victoire Red 2009:

"We perceived an elegant structure with delicate aging, and the fruit appears at the finish." (14 /20)

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2009:

"Delicious nose of crushed strawberries, powerful attack, plenty of length and above all an astounding finish with a very welcome slightly mineral touch - a real party wine." (15 /20)

Furthermore, these three wines carry the logo "Immediate happiness!" which distinguishes "a wine that is particularly tasty, accessible right away".

Journal La Provence

La Provence Special Issue: The best rosés of the world

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2009: 93 pts

"Nicely coloured. Citrus, cherry and red currant on the nose. The mouth is lively and full of fruits with some delicate floral hints."

Guide Bettane & Desseauve

Guide Bettane & Desseauve 2010

"All the blends have gained in freshness in their make up and in purity of fruit. The most noticeable improvements are with the reds, where the opulent tannins are much to be appreciated."

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2008:

"With a deep colour reminiscent of a clairet from Bordeaux, this rosé has plenty of body and shows itself as very vinous, while still retaining freshness. To be drunk with grilled food and BBQs. A great success!" (15 / 20)

Guide Hachette

Guide Hachette 2010

Sainte Victoire Red 2007:

"Facing Mount Sainte-Victoire, this 46Ha estate is centred round a 1610 bastide entirely renovated in 2006. They offer a red wine, light ruby red in colour, with a nose that is rich with cherry, liquorice, spices and chocolate, heightened with toasty, vanilla hints (it sojourned twelve months in barrel). This lightly toasted wood also structures the mouth and accompanies the hints of prune, morello and other fruits in alcohol which stretch out to a long finish."

Guide Gilbert & Gaillard

Guide Gilbert & Gaillard 2010

"Grand Boise is a good address, with a quality that is consistent throughout the range and attractive prices."

Sainte Victoire Rosé 2008: Editor's choice

"Honest pink robe, attractive. Delicate nose with mineral and floral hints. In the mouth, fresh, very approachable, with the same clean tastes. Long finish on acidulated fruit." (86 /100)

Mazarine Red 2006:

"Intense , lively red robe. Black fruit and spices on the nose, underpinned with some wood. Mouth fleshy, aromatic and harmonious. Its structure and power encourage one to try it with a spicy/hot dish. A vintage which fulfils its promise." (88 / 100)

Mazarine White 2006:

"Pale gold robe. Pleasant nose, evocative of sweet spices, vanilla and toasted almonds. On the mouth, a rich, opulent mouth-filling style, which remains elegant. The finish is very long and aromatic. For shellfish or an elegant fish course." (87 / 100)

Sainte Victoire Red 2007:

"Attractive robe of sustained red. A fruity and engaging nose, underpinned by hints of tropical wood. On the mouth, full bodied and perfumed, with fruit enriched by touches of liquorice and sustained by a very modern use of wood." (86 / 100)

Chateau Grand Boise Rosé 2008:

"Pale pink robe. A clean and engaging nose of soft red fruits. The mouth is full yet delicate, and the racy length is very attractive. A well made rosé, easy to drink with grilled and barbecued food." (85 / 100)

Chateau Grand Boise Red 2006:

"Very powerful garnet robe. Nose of very ripe soft red fruit. The mouth is crunchy and light, fruit forward. A well constructed, very accessible wine, to accompany grilled food and charcuterie." (83 / 100)

Chateau Grand Boise White 2008:

"Pale yellow robe. Pleasant fruity nose reminiscent of white peach and almond. The mouth combines fat, lively and perfumed qualities and its intensity, cleanness and freshness are very easy to appreciate. A pleasurable wine to drink as an aperitif or with a first course of fish." (83 /100)

Le Vin Cuit:

"Coppery orange robe. Nose, cooked fruit, associating orange, fig, with hints of soft toffee. Finely balanced, the freshness in the mouth brings these same flavours. A traditional aperitif well worth discovering." (86 / 100)

Paris General Agricultural Competition

Competitions and medals

Cuvée 1610 Red :

Prix d'Excellence at the Vinalies 2012 (2009 vintage)

Cuvée Renaissance :

Prix des Vinalies at the Vinalies 2012 (2009 vintage)

Jadis Rosé:

Gold medal at the Mondial du Rosé Competition (2011 vintage)

Jadis Red:

Prix d'Excellence at the Vinalies 2012 (2009 vintage)

Silver medal at the Vinalies Internationales (2009 vintage)

Jadis White:

Prix des Vinalies at the Vinalies 2012 (2010 vintage)

Mazarine Red:

Silver medal at the Independent Winemakers Competition (2009 vintage)

Gold medal at the Macon Fair (2008 vintage)

Bronze medal at the International Wine Challenge (2007 vintage)

Sainte Victoire Rosé:

Silver medal at the Paris General Agricultural Competition (2012 vintage)

Gold medal at the Aix en Provence Competition (2010 vintage)

Gold medal at the Independent Winemakers Competition (2010 vintage)

Gold medal at the Mondial du Rosé Competition (2010 vintage)

Silver medal at the Brignoles Exhibition and Fair of Wines from Provence (2010 vintage)

Silver medal at the Vinalies Internationales (2010 vintage)

Silver medal at the Paris General Agricultural Competition (2009 vintage)

Gold medal at the Paris General Agricultural Competition (2006 vintage)

Sainte Victoire Red:

Gold Medal at the Macon Fair (2010 vintage)

Gold medal at the Paris General Agricultural Competition (2010 vintage)

Gold medal at the St Tropez competition of Provence wines (2009 vintage)

Gold medal at the Brignoles Exhibition and Fair of Wines from Provence (2009 vintage)

Silver medal at the Independent Winemakers Competition (2009 vintage)

Silver Medal at the Macon Fair (2009 vintage)

Silver medal at the Macon Fair (2008 vintage) See

Bronze medal at the International Wine Challenge (2007 vintage)

Le Vin Cuit:

Gold medal at the 2012 Aix en Provence Competition


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