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The Mas de Cabassude
Château Grand'Boise
Taken from the end of the Terrace surrounding the swimming pool, this panoramic photo shows the view from the Mas de Cabassude. Mount Sainte Victoire is in front, with its highest point, the Pic des Mouches (alt. 1010 m - 3313 ft) is directly in front of us. Below us are the vineyards of Chateau Grand Boise. On our left, we are overlooking the terrace outside the "Tournesol" room. Turning "your head" towards the right, we can see the Alps in the distance, and nearer, the mounts Aurélien and Olympe (alt. 880 m. - 2887 ft). The rocky ridge (alt. 600 to 650 m. - 2000 to 2150 ft. ) which we see above the Grand Mas is the top of our hillside. Les Brunets is just behind it. We are at about 500 metres (1650 ft) above sea level here.
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Les Brunets
Château Grand'Boise
To be found on the other side of the hill, the place known as "Les Brunets" shows a totally different kind of landscape, immense and wild, whose nature man has barely touched. Opposite us, the rocky ridge in the distance is the Sainte-Baume Massif. Near us to the right we can see the remains of a little farm "le Jas des Brunets" (the shepherd’s hut of Les Brunets). To our left at the foot of the hillock, with a little tree right on top, the flat zone of pink earth is a vineyard which has just been restored by Chateau Grand Boise to be replanted. The soil is particularly rich in pink marble. The estate has about 20 plots with this rare type of subsoil. We are at about 550 metres (1800 ft) above sea level here.
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