“Tournesol” bedroom - The Mas de Cabassude

The Mas de Cabassude ...   The interiors

Petit Cabassude - terrace level
“Tournesol” bedroom

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Tournesol bedroomTournesol

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“Tournesol” bedroom   -   In the Petit Cabassude, terrace level   -   View of the Mount Sainte-Victoire

Superb 40 sq. m. (430 sq.ft.) vaulted bedroom opening wide onto a large semi-circular private terrace.
The view is staggering, even if you are lying on the bed.
From the terrace, pool access is up a few steps.

- Air conditioned bedroom
- King size double bed 180cm (6 ft.) wide
- Bureau
- Open bathroom with cupboard, washbasin, bath. Separate toilet.

Overall view The Mas de Cabassude: “Tournesol” bedroom zoom“Tournesol” bedroom

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