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Provencal charm
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The gardens surrounding the Bastide provide coolness and the gentle scents of Provence. A haven of peace to rest or read in or just to stroll around, admiring the flowers and butterflies. A Provencal atmosphere found nowhere else in the world.

The gardens are in perpetual evolution. Designed by a landscape architect/gardener, they are maintained in a spirit of natural horticulture and bio diversity. Mediterranean plants and flowers take pride of place: lavender, agapanthus, oleander, jasmine, Provence roses... All the scents and colours typical of Provence.

The Gardens of the Bastide:
- Enormous area, shaded by large plane trees opposite the main entrance of the Bastide (side facing the valley).
- Cast iron tables and chairs
- 180 sq. m. (2000 sq.ft.) terrace opposite Mount Sainte-Victoire
- Numerous flower beds around the Bastide and the swimming pool

Not far from the Bastide, there's a natural pond, full of charm and dancing damsel and dragonflies. The Bastide is surrounded by vines, but the woods are never far away, following one of the paths is a total immersion in nature.
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