Provence Mas de Cabassude

Le Mas de Cabassude ... The natural setting

A feast for the eyes; pleasure for the senses
A tonic bath of fresh air

The bumpy track which winds its way through the forest suddenly opens out to show a huge enclave of vines and a pretty farmhouse in Provencal colours. The sight is superb. We have reached Cabassude.

Nature seems to have deliberately created a setting for this Provencal farmhouse: vines and woodland harmoniously rub shoulders to create a single entity, bathed in gentleness.

Sitting on the terrace of the Mas, you experience that feeling of being at one with nature, of bliss, while nature gives one of its most spectacular shows.

The forest is never far anywhere at Grand Boise. The trees of the forest are mainly ilex and white oak. This welcoming woodland begs you to stroll in it. That's when you are totally immersed deep in the heart of nature, in a universe imbued with peace and quiet.

There are many possible destinations purely inside the estate itself (see the plan) and "The Brunets" on the further hillside offers a vision and universe that are entirely different (see panoramic photo).

No synthetic chemicals are used in the cultivation of the vines. The estate has started the process of becoming certified as using organic methods of agriculture.

A little history:
At one time, Cabassude was an autonomous wine estate: consisting of all the plots of vines which still surround it. Others, less visible are scattered around in the surrounding woodland. A little further away, to the West, the vines of the place known as "Les Blaques" are visible from the terrace. It was only in 1879 that Cabassude was joined with Chateau Grand Boise.
Approaching the Grand Mas, we are welcomed by a great mulberry tree, over a hundred years old, which shelters the breakfast terrace. At one time, its leaves were used to feed silk worms. The farm grew various different crops (vines, olive and almond trees...) and was almost entirely self sufficient.

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